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Rahila Reviews


"Stacie is amazing, she did amazing job with my make up.. made my day..
will recommend her for sure..

Wedding: 03/23/2014
Services Used: Beauty & Health Reviewed On: 08/04/2014

Nicole Reviews


"As a wedding photographer I have worked with the Transcendent team at several weddings and I can honestly say that she is one of my all time favorite makeup artists. They do a fantastic job with the airbrush makeup, and time and time again produces a flawless look that enhances the bride and bridesmaid's natural beauty. They have always been very professional to work with and are incredibly kind and caring people. It is great to have such enjoyable vendors to collaborate with on the wedding day!"

Wedding: 06/08/2014
Services Used: Beauty & Health Reviewed On: 08/03/2014

Kathleen Reviews


"Stacie was wonderful to work with! She is so sweet and very professional. She is the type of person you want around while you are getting ready for a big event! She is also very talented. My entire bridal party looked their absolute best! I highly recommend Stacie from Transcendent for wedding day (or any day!!) make up!"

Wedding: 06/13/2014
Services Used: Beauty & Health Reviewed On: 08/03/2014

Jenn Reviews


"Yen is an amazing makeup artist! She is so talented and a great people person! She did my makeup for my wedding as well as my moms wedding a few years back. She has a true gift of knowing exactly what her clients want and makes them look stunning! I would definitely recommend her to anyone. She does amazing smokey eyes and as eye lashes. She made my wedding day perfect and I got so many compliments! She is my go to for any future event that comes my way. Yen I wish you the best of luck and keep up the great work!"

Wedding: 06/14/2014
Services Used: Beauty & Health Reviewed On: 08/01/2014

Jenny Reviews


"I was extremely impressed with Transcendent's makeup on my wedding day. We met several times for trials to make sure I was absolutely in love with my look and they were extremely professional and were such sweet hearts through the whole process. I have recommended them to ALL of my engaged friends and they have gone on to do the makeup of every single one of them for their weddings. You should totally go with Transcendent makeup for your special occasion, you will NOT be disappointed!"

Wedding: 2+ years ago
Services Used: Beauty & Health Reviewed On: 08/03/2014

Anonymous Reviews


"The ladies from transcendent were professional, friendly, and did an excellent job."

Event: Recent Event: Holiday Party Reviewed On: 08/01/2014

Melissa Reviews


"Stacie's work is phenomal. She worked for us at a New York Houswives party we had for one of the housewives of NY. Not only is her makeup beautiful her professional is just perfect. She is a dream to work with. I never had to worry about a thing with her team."

Event: 05/04/14 Event: Corporate Event Reviewed On: 08/01/2014

Kaitlyn Reviews


"Stacie did my make up for my Senior Prom and it was PERFECT. I loved the way it turned out. I felt like a princess :) Thank you so so so much Stacie!"

Event: 05/16/14 Event: Prom Reviewed On: 08/03/2014

Lisa Reviews


"Transcendent are AMAZING makeup artists - whenever I see them they look flawless, and whenever they do my makeup, I love it! They listen to exactly what I want.. I love getting my makeup done by them - they are so talented and can do any makeup look you ask of them. I'll be using them for my wedding!"

Event: 05/24/14 Event: Corporate Event Reviewed On: 08/01/2014

Chastity Reviews


"Yen Torres did an awesome job on my make up and eyelash extensions with limited time! We were pressed for time but she remained calm and steady:) Unbelievable! I went from feeling blah to beautiful in less than 10 minutes."

Event: 07/10/14 Event: Corporate Event Reviewed On: 08/01/2014

Natalie Reviews


"Can only say the best for Transcendent! The work they do is incredible and the people are amazing. Thank you!"

Event: 08/01/14 Event: Anniversary Reviewed On: 08/02/2014

Alexa Reviews


"Transcendent is awesome! They do a wonderful job! Beauty is key!"

Event: 07/11/14 Event: Corporate Event Reviewed On: 08/01/2014

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